Don’t cry. Dry your eye.

Bulleit makes a rye whiskey now. That’s good news. We like rye. Bulleit bourbon has one of the highest rye contents of any bourbon (28%) and in a pinch, it’s a decent rye substitute. But now there’s Bulleit rye. With rye making up 95% of the mash bill, you won’t confuse it with bourbon.

I’d been toying with a cocktail that was somewhere between the El Presidente and a Sazerac. It wasn’t coming out right. The Missus and I concluded that the problem was that we were using a relatively weak 80-proof rye. Say hello to Bulleit rye and quit yer cryin’.

No More Tears
1.5 oz rye (Bulleit)
.75 oz dry vermouth (Martini & Rossi)
.25 oz triple sec (Royal Combier)
.5 tsp absinthe or pastis (Legendre Herbsaint)
Stir with ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with orange peel. 

The combination of the pastis and dry vermouth make this is a very dry cocktail.

One thought on “Don’t cry. Dry your eye.

  1. We like this combo too, I use Canadian Crown Royal with Meagers triples sec and dry Martini Vermouth and we shake it over ice a serve with the slice on orange. never named it but it is popular at my bar.

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